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Amazing Weight Loss Plans

At amazing MedSpa we are dedicated to delivering outstanding results making your weight management plan the most efficient.  We provide services that are tailored to fit your schedule your budget and your needs. The provider will start with a general assessment including a physical examination your medical history and your social history and will send you to lab to additional testing of your general health.


Our clients report that they feel great after losing weight. Other benefits for weight loss include feeling more energetic, reduce joint pain. Many patients have also reported better feeling of clothes and increased alertness. You also get to prevent diseases such as diabetes heart disease high cholesterol high blood pressure.


We present to you different weight loss programs to fit your needs, your schedule, and even your budget.

HCG Diet

Being in the very low calorie diet can help you rapidly lose weight in as quickly as 30 days. Our provider will walk you through the diet and ways to  help you to control your appetite so you may be able to be consistent on the strict calorie diet for quick weight loss. We will also help you maintain the results that you have worked so hard to achieve.


Amazing Weight Loss Program

We provide Amazing Weight Management Programs.  Our regiments have been used successfully by so many patients over the years. Patients have enjoyed amazing results in as quickly as 30 days or less with noticeable reduction in pounds and inches, energy boost and a total wellness.

Amazing Weight Loss Program with Prescri

Amazing Weight Loss Program with Prescriptions

Our Amazing Weight Loss program offers weight loss as well as size reduction. Our healthcare provider will start with a checking your General health such as physical examination checking your body mass index (BMI) and vital signs. Laboratory Testing and even an EKG may be ordered if necessary. The provider will discuss with you your medical history, social history, behavioral habits such as exercise and dietary habits.


We will walk you through the types of foods, diseases and medications that may be responsible for your weight increase. Together with a healthcare provider you will come up with a plan that involves healthy dietary habits as well as being active. Clients who are obese or overweight and qualify may you receive an appetite suppressant such as Adip-ex, Phen-termine, qsy-mia, and Bel-viq.  Clients may also get a water pill if necessary.


You may combine any of that weight loss programs with any vitamin and lipotropic injections (fat burner injections) to further boost their weight loss. Lipo B injection is a mixture of compounds that may aid in the reduction of fat tissue. This injections contain lipotropic compounds which are used to increase the potential for release of fat deposits and some parts of the body.


In combination with B12 our clients have reported increase in energy and have been able to work out more and lose my weight. For current pricing specils, please click below.

We prescribe weight management medications such as phen-termine, Contrave and others to help you with your goals. We also have HCG challenge as well as a variety of weight loss injections such as a fat burner injections (Lipo B) or super slim injections (Lipo C).

Our healthcare providers are certified and highly experienced in weight management. 


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