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Rejuvenation & Lifting Threads

  • V SOFT LIFT is a minor non-invasive treatment with thin threads that lift the skin, increase structure and elasticity.

  • V Soft Lift Threads can be used to smooth wrinkled, crepey, skin by replacing and adding collagen and elastin to damaged areas to restore the healthy foundation of your skin.

  • They are sterile cannulas preloaded with an absorbable PDO suture thread which is absorbable and will build your own natural collagen and give you glowing skin through biostimulation.

  • This thread is fully absorbed in about 4-6 months for results up to 12-24 months.

  • The V Soft lift threads are often used with dermal fillers to create a scaffold under the skin, which will provide multiple short and long term benefits of total facial esthetics.


V Soft Lifting Threads

V Soft Lifting POD Threads are used to produce an immediate visible result of sagging skin which will get better over time. Lifting threads designed to pull up and re-drape the skin. This will restore that beautiful V Shape to your face.

V Soft Smooth Threads

Smooth PDO threads are placed under your skin in a linear or hash tag pattern, which improves blood flow to the area which will repair, build collagen and tighten skin to a specific area. These standards will build a solid foundation of new collagen production providing natural results.

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