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Welcome to Amazing Medspa

 Aesthetics Till You Make it! 

At Amazing Medspa, we want you to feel comfortable, cared for, and beautiful. Our Nurse Practitioner, Gertrude Asena, NP-C, is board certified in Aesthetics by both the American Academy of Procedural Medicine and the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics.

Gertrude Asena, NP-C


Gertrude graduated from McNeese State University in the College of Nursing in 2008. In 2013, she earned her Masters of Science in Nursing at Texas Woman's University in Houston, Texas. There, she became a Nurse Practitioner.

With all her experience, both collegiate and professional, Gertrude Asena knows the art and science of beauty. As a former beauty model who is experiencing aging herself, she is passionate about the use of aesthetics and anti-aging procedures to discover, enhance, and maintain natural beauty for as long as possible. She is known for her ability to carefully sculpt facial features, particularly lips, using different injection techniques. Whether you need relief from wrinkles or sagging skin, you’ll be in great hands. Gertrude believes in the body-mind connection. Her belief is simply that if you look amazing, you will feel amazing. While each of us may not possess all the features we desire–whether due to genetics or aging or life experiences–there is always a way to fill in the gaps. And that’s what Gertrude is here to help you with. We can move towards the Aesthetics ... till you make it! mindset, together.

Image by Nick Fewings

Aging? Genetics? Don't sweat it. Solutions are available.

Aesthetics till you make it!

Trudy Asena,  
Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner 💋

Medspa Practices


At Amazing Medspa, we want to take the stress off of your shoulders. We provide a free consultation for aesthetic services. That’s where we will discover your beauty, answer your questions and concerns, map a treatment timeline, and discuss cost and financing options upfront–all you have to worry about is relaxing. We believe aesthetic procedures should NOT be reserved for those in Beverly Hills. Our aim is for people to have access to aesthetic services at a fraction of the Holywood cost.

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